Simone Aaberg Kærn has started a new company, Alma Air Art ApS. Alma Air Art manages Simone Aaberg Kærns commercial activities, including app and software development, talks and events, and decorative and applied art projects. This allows her personal company to focus exclusively on fine art projects.


To promote inclusion and diversity through applied artistic expression in airspace, communities, and among people, as well as to support the green transition in the aviation and other industries through artistic, narrative, and design interventions.

Products and Services:

  • Land Art Projects: Creating artworks in landscapes that can be experienced and photographed from the air.
  • Airspace Narratives: Developing stories, visual art, and films with a focus on inclusion and diversity.
  • Public Decoration: Artworks for indoor and outdoor airspaces, including airports and airline facilities. This also includes airspace understood in a poetic sense, where it can serve as a metaphor unfolding in physical spaces like hospitals, institutions, and companies.
  • XR software and app development.
  • Alternativ travel methods to flying. – When do we need to fly? Why do we fly?

Unique Selling Points:

  • Historic Aircraft: Using a significant aircraft to add historical depth.
  • Focus on Inclusion and Green Transition: Commitment to promoting diversity, particularly for women in the aviation industry, and supporting green initiatives. Art and narratives that foster conversations among people.

Target Audience:

  • Craft, creative and history enthusiasts.
  • Airports and companies in the aviation industry, especially those undergoing a green transition.
  • Organizations and institutions interested in public art and education, including public entities, the military, hospitals, schools, and universities.

Business Model:

  • Sale and Exhibition of Land Art: Revenue from sales or exhibitions.
  • Aircraft Rental: Leasing aircraft for events and aviation enthusiasts.
  • Lectures, Performances, and Facilitated Conversations or Workshops.
  • Decoration Projects: Contracts with airports, airlines, and private clients.
  • Development and sale of new XR app and experiences.

A new website for the company is being developed and will launch soon.

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